About Us

Michele Elrod began her career in nonprofit management in 1984 after receiving her Master’s Degree from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Concentrating on financial management in the beginning, she quickly learned the first rule of nonprofits — there is no room for specialization! She rapidly moved from “just” finances to personnel, budget analysis, membership management, publishing, supervision, direct mail, volunteer management, staff supervision and training, and that perennial in our job descriptions, “other duties as required.”

From 1984 to 1998, Ms. Elrod served as the chief financial/administrative officer for such diverse organizations as an international oceanographic society, a national mental health program for the deaf, and a transportation management agency. In addition, she has worked in law and publishing, as well as recently completing eighteen months as a VISTA establishing a literacy program in Paterson, NJ. She began consulting with nonprofits in 1991, providing training to boards and staff on a variety of topics, and founded Head to Heart in 2000. Organizations with which Ms. Elrod has worked include:
  • The Marine Technology Society
  • Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights
  • Mental Health Coalition of DC
  • Americans for Religious Liberty
  • Points of Light Foundation's Literacy Connection
  • Kunta Kinte Celebrations, Inc.
  • Momentum
  • United Way
  • Deaf-REACH
  • CCH/Friendship Place
  • GalaxyGoo

Ms. Elrod is also actively involved as a volunteer board and committee member for local and regional organizations and maintains memberships in several professional societies, including the Alliance for Non Profit Management, the Association for Volunteer Management, the National Center for Non-Profit Boards, and the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners.

Jeff Beatty’s career is a blend between the corporate and nonprofit worlds. He is currently developing websites after a mortgage banking career financing rental properties with an emphasis on low-income housing. He is a certified webmaster and an excellent and patient computer trainer. Recent website design for nonprofits include The National Health Care Foundation for the Deaf and the Paterson Education Fund . His full web design portfolio may be found at the portfolio section of his website.

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