Financial Management

Many people suffer from both EGO (Eyes Glaze Over) and ego of the more traditional variety when it comes to reviewing a nonprofit’s financials. If they are accustomed to traditional corporate P&Ls, they are confused by the terminology; if they are only accustomed to their checkbooks, all those pages seem to blur. And then there’s that request to apply for a grant, or maybe your board has to make grants. We offer real-world help in understanding the ins and outs of nonprofit finances.

Head to Heart specializes in one-on-one financial and administrative consultation to nonprofit organizations. We can help you implement a computerized accounting system, design (or update) your personnel/policies manuals, and provide management/supervision training for your staff.

We also provide training sessions in the following areas:

How to Be the Best Board Member You Can Be
Understanding Nonprofit Financial Statements
Designing a Useful Budget
Cash Flow Management

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